American born filmmaker David Andalman is most known for writing and directing the teen-comedy classic AMERICAN MILKSHAKE that premiered at Sundance and broke twitter as it was distributed throughout North America. It appeared on the front page of the Washington Post, and on the famed Kevin Smith podcast. The 90’s filmmaking icon Kevin Smith called it “Welcome to the Dollhouse for fly guys,” and “Packed with laughs.” Since then Andalman has worked with HBO, VICE, Blumhouse Productions, Millenium Films, and a range of major distributors and production companies.

Andalman’s short works have premiered at the majority of top US festivals plus the Whitney Biennial. And he’s collaborated with Oscar nominated Chloe Sevigny, singer songwriter Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Tony winner Danny Burstein, and Emmy winner Michael K. Williams.

As a commercial director Andalman has worked for the Tribeca Film Festival, and Tropfest @ Tribeca Film Festival. And as a freelance editor, Andalman has worked with RZA, Spike Jonze, Barry Levinson, Alec Baldwin and other internationally known artists, on movies, television, and short pieces distributed both internationally and ephemerally.